At Terrace Dental Care we aim to provide your child with high quality care in a compassionate, friendly and safe environment.

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Terrace Dental Care For Children

At Terrace Dental Care we aim to provide your child with high quality care in a compassionate, friendly and safe environment.

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Children are born free of dental disease and yet by the time they reach adulthood 95% of people will have active gum disease and most people will have some tooth decay and even tooth loss. However, the good news is, with the encouragement of correct oral hygiene habits and regular visits to a dentist for preventative care, there is no reason why your child should not have healthy teeth for life and an even brighter smile boosting their confidence.

Our dental team are delighted to offer children the option of our monthly budgeting system, Denplan for Children, making it easier for parents to take care of their children’s teeth and gums as they develop through childhood. If you prefer, we are able to offer you the choice to pay for checkups and treatment for children (under 18) as you go. (follow this link for plans and costing)

Denplan for Children is a simple way of keeping up the great habit of regular dental examinations. Your child’s plan will include expert advice at check-ups, helping your child to become comfortable and confident with trips to the dentist. Depending on the level of care you choose, you can also include most dental x-rays, hygiene treatment and topical fluoride treatment. With Denplan you will also have the option to protect your child against dental emergencies and injuries with Denplan Supplementary Insurance.

Its Easy to Get Started

Contact the practice to make a private dental examination appointment for your child. Email address, or call the Practice on 01626 889268 (please be advised that we expect our phone line to be extremely busy). The dentists can then explain what Denplan covers and how to sign on.

Terrace Dental Care Fees for Children


Under 5 new patient Exam£25
Over 5 new patient Exam up to 18£55
Up to 5 year olds if parent/guardian is registered on Denplan at this practiceExam free, £10 fluoride application if appropriate
0 up to 5 Exam no registered parents/guardian£15 to include fluoride application if appropriate
5 up to 12 Exam£25 (include fluoride application and any necessary x rays)
13 up to 18 Exam£35 (include fluoride application and any necessary x rays)
Emergency£50 plus treatment

Treatment fees under 18 as below (any other items charged at adult practice fees)

Glass IonomerFrom £30
Composite deciduous tooth any size£75
Composite permanent toothFrom £90
Extraction deciduous tooth£85
Permanent tooth extractionsFrom £92
Fissure sealant£25
Stainless steel crown£95


Plan includes 2 exams and fluoride applications (where appropriate), x-rays as necessary, orthodontic referrals, fee does not include optional supplementary insurance, details available on request, discount from the private fee guide for treatment, oral health instruction.

5 up to 12 year olds£6.48 per month
12-18 year olds£8.10 per month