At Terrace Dental Care we understand that the thought of dental treatment can be daunting. We therefore make every effort to gain your confidence and seek to make your visits as pleasant as possible.

Your first visit is your chance to get to know us. We will give you an examination and explain any treatment that is needed and discuss the options. We will also make you aware of the costs involved. This is an opportunity for you to ask us any dental questions you may have.

During your examination your dentist will check the following:

  1. Your jaw (to ensure it is functioning properly).
  2. The glands under your jaw (checking for infection and more serious disorders such as oral cancer).
  3. The lining of your mouth and tongue (we check for numerous conditions including oral cancer).
  4. Your gums (we are checking for gum disease but other general medical conditions can show up in the gums eg Leukaemia).
  5. Teeth (we look for decay, excessive wear, failing fillings/crowns/bridges and cracks).
  6. Your medical history (to find out if you have any medical condition that will increase the chance of you having problems with your mouth or that will affect the techniques used in your treatment).