At Terrace Dental Care we will always try to consider the impact on the environment of our activities within the constraints of our professional responsibilities.

Our Aims

  1. Ensure the responsible use of energy (especially electricity) by conserving where ever possible (eg switching off lights in unused rooms, putting on extra clothing before turning on heaters etc).
  2. Continue to walk to work or using public transport/car sharing if possible.
  3. Reuse and recycle where a choice exists.
  4. To use email/SMS where possible.
  5. Use products that we know to be safe/safest eg non mercury thermometers and amalgam capsules.
  6. To continue to comply with current legislation with regard to healthcare waste management.
  7. To encourage each other as fellow team members to be aware of our joint responsibilities for environmental issues.
  8. As a team we will always seek to reduce than to reuse, to reuse than to recycle, to recycle than to dispose, within the constraints of our professional responsibilities.